How To Clean Fresh Mushrooms?

How To Clean Fresh Mushrooms?

The nutritional value of mushrooms is not inferior compared to the healthiest vegetables. Most of them are water based, but they contain about 3 percent protein substances, which contain almost all the healthy digestible, by the body, amino acids.

Mushrooms have a low carbohydrate content and they do not contain any starch and that's the reason why they are recommended for people with weight problems. They contain important for the body mineral salts like potassium, phosphorus and copper, as well as vitamins A, B, C and others.

The most delicious and aromatic are fresh mushrooms, which, however, must be thoroughly cleaned before being subjected to culinary processing.

A proven trick is to clean the mushrooms in one another. Younger mushrooms are gently rubbed into each other until all traces of contamination are removed. You can clean the most stubborn dirt with kitchen paper or a damp cloth.

More stubborn fungal contaminants can be removed if you dissolve 2 tbsp. of flour with the mushrooms, cover them with water, then rub them until you remove all traces of contamination.

Clean mushrooms cannot be stored for too long, so we suggest you cook steamed mushrooms or a mushroom soup, stuffed musshrooms, stewed mushrooms or breaded mushrooms for your family.


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