How to Sauté Onions?

How to Sauté Onions?

Sautéing is a culinary technique with which products are cooked over high heat, with a minimum amount of fat, for a short amount of time and with frequent stirring so the products do not burn.

Most often, to avoid sticking or burning when sautéing, move the pan back and forth with light tossing movement, with which the bits of the product that is being cooked separate from the bottom and change their places, which allows them to cook evenly.

When sautéing, we need to get a thick bottom pan, which is wide enough so that the products do not sit in a pile and each piece is separate from the others.

To make sauteed onions, cut them into thin juliennes or chop them into relatively small cube like pieces.

For 1 onion we will need 1 tablespoon of fat - olive oil or vegetable oil. It is poured in when the pan has already heated over moderate to high heat and it needs to be spread well over the entire surface.

Then put the onion in the described way above - evenly spaced, not in piles.

With light periodic tossing and back and forth movement, cook for 3 to 5 minutes for a slightly crisp onion, while it's still white in color. From 4-5 minutes until they're light brown, they get sweet and soften. If you carry on with the cooking process they will have a darker caramel brown color. The way you choose to cook them depends on your taste and the recipe you follow.

You can also serve sauteed onion as a side dish with meat, fish or in combination with other vegetables. If it is just part of another more complex recipe, then this technique will make the dish tastier, because it is believed that when sauteed, the flavors and aromas are preserved and enhanced, which cannot be said, for example, about frying.


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