How Should Bananas Be Stored?

How Should Bananas Be Stored?

Not all fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated to stay fresh for long and retain their beneficial and nutritional properties to the maximum.

Bananas are a typical example of how some fruits are much better at room temperature. But unfortunately for all lovers of healthy eating, they quickly overripe, soften and become not very appetizing.

The rapid ripening of bananas, as well as with all fruits placed in close proximity to them, is due to the ethylene that bananas emit. In fact, bananas are small ethylene factories, thus accelerating not only their own ripening, but also that of other plants and fruits around them.

The good news is that ethylene is emitted mainly from the stalks of the fruit, ie. its emissions can be quite limited. This will extend the life of the bananas. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible after purchasing them. Optimal results are obtained when the bananas are separated from each other and their stalks are packed separately.

However, what should we do when the banana is already peeled or even sliced. There is no need to panic, because there is a way to store bananas even in this situation. It is best to spray the fruit with lemon juice as quickly as possible in order to prevent it from darkening. Then store them in a container with a lid to prevent access to oxygen and place them in the refrigerator until it is time to eat them.


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