How To Make Milk Out Of Cashew?

How To Make Milk Out Of Cashew?

Cashew milk is very easy to make. In general, the nut itself is much softer and more suitable for grinding than others. However, we must first soak the cashew in water overnight, as this will soften it significantly and make the process even easier.

Pour the nuts into a blender (it'll be better if it's powerful, but you can use a regular one as well). Add a little water, tp the level of the cashew nuts and grind together with a pinch of salt or honey (or other sweeteners), depending on what you want the milk to taste like - sweet or salty.

Grind unitl you get a creamy smooth homogeneous mixture. Once it's done, pour more water to the desired density and grind again.

The raw cashew milk is ready. Easy, tasty and healthy!

Very suitable for a drink or a smoothie and is an irreplaceable main ingredient in magic vegan temptations - cakes and candy!

It is characterized by its neutral taste and that is why it is extremely applicable to the savory and sweet cuisine! Delight for the senses and good for the body!

Have a great time making it!


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