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Can We Fry Frozen Fish?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
Can We Fry Frozen Fish?

Fish is an integral part of the menu of many households, but sometimes cooking it can be a real challenge. With the exception of those lucky few who live by the sea and can count on always having fresh fish on their table, the rest of us are required to trust our luck or frozen fish.

Frozen fish can sometimes be preferable to the supposedly fresh fish offered in stores. The problem with frozen fish is that it is more capricious in cooking and still requires time to defrost before cooking.

The question, whether frozen fish can be fried, is a bit controversial. On one side of the barricade are the hosts, who argue that frozen fish, especially fillets, should not be defrosted, but should be fried or breaded in a frozen state. In this case, the frying must be done in a not so hot oil in order to fry the fish on the inside without burning the outside.

However, many master chefs claim that the fish must be completely defrosted before frying so that the excess water can be drained, so the fish can be fried evenly. Their advice makes sense, given the fact that the water content of frozen fish reaches 20 percent.



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