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How To Boil Milk?

How To Boil Milk?

Many experienced housewives will tell you that it is not at all difficult to boil milk, but many of us have had the milk come out of the pot during the boiling process. Then we have to spend a lot of time removing the traces of burnt milk.

In fact, boiling milk really isn't a culinary challenge, you just have to follow a few rules.

It is best to boil the milk in a pot with a thicker bottom, so it doesn't burn. The milk boils best and doesn't burn as much in a copper pot, which has been rinsed with cold water beforehand.

Whatever you choose to boil the milk in, if possible, only boil milk and nothing else in it, because hot milk has the ability to absorb any odor and you may be unpleasantly surprised.

We also recommend adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the pot before cooking. The baking soda will not allow the milk to lump up.

Once you know how to boil milk, we can recommend that you make rice pudding or hot chocolate.



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