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How To Clean Shrimp?

How To Clean Shrimp?

One of the most accessible and popular seafood is shrimp. They are raised on special farms, especially king prawns. Their color varies from green-brown to pink and light orange to bright red.

When choosing shrimp, they should have shiny shells and look fresh. There shouldn't be any black spots or sand on the shells. A good alternative are the frozen ones, which we can defrost ourselves, but the rule is that they should always be defrosted in cold water.

Shrimp are a valuable source of zinc and protein, but they also have a high content of cholesterol, which should be taken into account.

In order to clean the shrimp, they must be well cooled, so it is best to dip them in a bowl of ice.

The cleaning begins by first removing their heads. Hold the body with one hand and the head with the other. With a sharp movement it is easily removed. The next step is to tear off the legs and the scales, which come off very easily. In order to be aesthetically beautiful, the last scale is left, where the tail is attached, but this is optional. With a sharp knife we ​​make a cut along the spine to remove the mucous, which is located there. It is usually brownish black in color.

And done, the shrimp are cleaned. Last thing you need to do is wash them under running water and cook them whatever way you want. We recommend you to try those shrimp recipes:

- grilled shrimp;

- shrimp pasta;

- stove-top shrimp;

- shrimp with rice;



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