How Do We Know if the Eggs are Boiled?

How Do We Know if the Eggs are Boiled?

In the moments when we're holding two eggs, but we can't tell if the egg we're holding in our hand is boiled or raw, because in the fridge we have both types, we'll let you in on a trick, which will help you figure it out.

It works flawlessly and is very useful in the kitchen.

To try the trick, you need one raw and one boiled egg.

Spin one of the eggs first, for example the boiled one on a flat surface. As you can see, it spins for a long time after we have spun it.

Then spin the raw egg, again on a horizontal surface, but as you can see, it spins for much shorter time than the boiled one.

This is because in the raw egg, the yolk moves inside the egg itself, which shortens the time the whole egg spins. And with a boiled egg, the texture inside it is firm and does not affect the movement of the egg.

This way you can easily test your eggs without having to break them on the kitchen counter.


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