How Does Garlic Affect Blood Pressure?

How Does Garlic Affect Blood Pressure?

Garlic is one of the most beneficial natural remedies. It has excellent antimicrobial and anthelmintic action, it strengthens the immunity, improves digestion and it has a number of other useful properties. In addition to all of its benefits, garlic is extremely useful in terms of blood pressure, because it lowers high blood pressure and regulates it.

An ordinary garlic clove has the ability to stimulate the production of chemicals and other substances that help relax the blood vessels, which reduces the pressure in them.

Therefore, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you should know that garlic is one of the best natural means of regulating blood pressure. Folk medicine offers a recipe that many consider extremely effective. For it you need 3 cloves of garlic and 1 teaspoon of honey. Crush the cloves and mix them with the honey and the resulting mixture is consumed at once. The result is normalization of blood pressure in less than an hour.

Another very effective recipe for lowering blood pressure is also very easy to prepare - crush 10 cloves of garlic and pour 1/2 cup of boiling water over them. Strain the mixture and intake 20 drops, 3 times daily before meals. This is done for 2 days, then you need to rest for 2 days and continue until you run out of it.


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