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How Long Are Lentils Boiled For?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How Long Are Lentils Boiled For?

Nutritionists believe that grainy foods give our bodies all of the nutrients they need because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and especially plant protein. To extract more nutrients from grainy foods, we need to know how to properly prepare lentils.

Properly boiled lentils can ensure that their beneficial properties are preserved. First wash them under running water to wash off the flakes and damaged grains. Then they can be covered with water and soaked for 2-3 hours. This way the lentils will swell up, which will lead to faster cooking.

Some people add salt and citric acid when cooking lentils. If the lentils are hard to boil, add 1-2 pinches of baking soda to the pot, which helps make the lentils easier and faster to cook, same as with beans.

The boiled lentils are strained from the liquid and are covered in warm water again.

The boiling time of the different types of lentils is different because it depends on their type:

- Red lentils are prepared in 10-15 minutes;

- Brown lentils are prepared in 25-30 minutes;

- The green type of lentils is boiled for 40 minutes;

- Orange lentils are prepared in 20 minutes on the hob.

Red lentils are less popular than green ones. It is a source of trace elements and is suitable for all ages. It is a good choice for people who are on a diet and want to eat healthy, but do not have much time to prepare other dishes.

The boiling time for green lentils is close to the time it takes to boil red lentils with a very small difference. Red lentils are better to be poured in boiling water. Put a pot on the stove with water or broth (about 2 cups). Add 1 cup of washed lentils and stir.

When it boils, reduce the heat, close the pot with a lid and let it cook. Five minutes before it is fully cooked, remove the pot from heat and add as much salt as you like. You can also add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. - that way the grains will be more tender in taste, as well as the vegetables such as carrots, onions, peppers and more.

And don't forget green spices like celery, rosemary, bay leaf, parsley.

With lentils you can make a fragrant lentil soup, lentil stew or lentil patties.



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