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How to Store Nettle in the Freezer?

How to Store Nettle in the Freezer?

They call nettle the Queen of Herbs, because it is one of the most useful plants known to mankind. Medicinal decoctions and infusions can be prepared from its roots and leaves, which can be used successfully in the fight against various respiratory diseases, hair loss, diabetes mellitus, anemia, kidney diseases and others.

But in addition to the undoubted healing properties that nettle has, it is highly valued by chefs and cooks, because it has an interesting and spicy taste and in addition, it is rich in valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Fresh nettles can be found and picked from various shady places from May to September. But the only way to put nettles on your table during the cold winter months is to freeze them in the freezer.

The good news for everyone who loves nettle is that it can be easily frozen and stored in the freezer for several months without affecting its taste.

There are two ways to freeze nettles in the freezer - directly or after blanching them. Some cooks prefer to freeze nettles directly. They simply place the washed and drained nettle leaves in a plastic bag, they squeeze it well to let out any excess air and wrap it in a tight bag.

If you stop at the option of blanching them in advance you need to boil the nettle for 2-3 minutes in salted water, then pour it with cold to stop the cooking process. Then it should be drained very well, put in a bag and placed in the freezer.

Whichever option you choose, frozen in a freezer nettle will allow you to delight your family even in the middle of winter with nettle porridge, nettle soup or nettle patties.


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