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How to Marinate Rabbit Meat?

How to Marinate Rabbit Meat?

Rabbit meat is extremely tasty and healthy. It holds the record for protein content - as much as 22 percent. For comparison, we will only mention that the proteins in pork are 13.8 percent, in beef - 10 percent and in chicken 19 percent.

Rabbit meat is superior to other types of meat by another indicator - the degree of absorption of protein by the body, which for rabbit meat reaches 90 percent.

Despite all that has been said so far, rabbit dishes are not as common on our table as, for example, pork dishes. This is due not so much to financial reasons, as to the worries of the hosts, that something will go wrong during cooking and the rabbit meat will become dry and tasteless.

Rabbit meat turn out extremely tasty and tender if it is marinated beforehand. Rabbit meat is marinated relatively easily. Whether you bought a tamed rabbit from the store or plan to cook a wild rabbit, it is good to marinate the meat overnight in a special marinade. You can marinate the rabbit whole or cut into portions.

One of the preferred rabbit marinades is prepared with paprika, black pepper, bay leaf, tarragon, celery, allspice, carrots, garlic, salt, vinegar and wine. The rabbit is rubbed with the spices and covered with a mixture of vinegar and wine in a ratio of 1:1.

You can smear the rabbit with plenty of honey and let it stand for at least 12 hours, then prepare from it stewed rabbit or roast rabbit.


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