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How Long are Beans Soaked for?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How Long are Beans Soaked for?

According to many, the secret of the delicious bean soup, whose beans melt in your mouth like butter, does not lie in the spices or the bean thickener, but in the pre-soaking of the beans. Most modern cooks prefer not to soak the beans from the night before, but to boil them directly in a pressure cooker.

And although they obviously save a lot of time and effort, they actually literally kill the taste of this emblematic dish.

To cook the perfect bean stew, you need to soak the beans in warm water for about 18-24 hours. Put the beans in a deep bowl and cover them with warm water, which is 4-5 cm above them, because they are going to swell. It is good to change the water every few hours to keep it relatively warm.

The next day, discard the water they were soaked in, add new water and slowly boil the products. Let the beans simmer over low to medium heat until they're fully cooked, then add the thickener and spices.

From the cooked beans you can make a delicious bean salad. You will find more culinary tricks for cooking beans on our website.



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