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Can I Roast Almonds in a Microwave?

Can I Roast Almonds in a Microwave?

The almonds from the store may be delicious and crunchy, but nothing compares to the smell of freshly roasted nuts. If you are one of the hosts who do not have much time, you can roast almonds in the microwave instead of turning on the oven and wasting unnecessary time and electricity.

Roasting almonds in the microwave takes minutes and if you follow the instructions, an excellent result is guaranteed.

Almonds are roasted in porcelain, glass or other, suitable dish for use in a microwave oven, at full power (800 W). For about 3.5 oz (100 g) of almonds, the roasting time is about 3.5 minutes.

The raw nuts are lightly moistened with water or whipped egg white, then they are seasoned with salt and placed in the microwave. After 1 minute, stir them and place them back in the microwave. On the third minute, stir them again, check them and if necessary, roast them for another 30 seconds.

With almonds you can make a delicious almond cake or homemade almond pastries.


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