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How to Keep Eggs Whole When Boiling Them?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Keep Eggs Whole When Boiling Them?

Eggs are a product that is present in every house. We use them in different ways - boiled, fried, for breading and for other purposes. At first glance, boiling eggs is not a complicated process for anyone, but you will be surprised how many things we have to follow to boil the eggs whole, without a cracked shell or traces of egg white in the water.

First we have to wash the eggs well. Especially if they are domestic, they may have traces of mud and dirt. After washing them, we must carefully inspect them for cracks before we put them in the water.

It is good when eggs are being boiled, that they are not completely fresh - from 3 to 10 days is best.

It is very important to keep the eggs at room temperature before you decide to put them in the water. The difference in temperature will inevitably cause the egg to burst.

For the boiling process, you must choose a pot with a thicker bottom so that the temperature is evenly distributed. Arrange the eggs carefully, making sure that there is not too much empty space between them, so that they do not move unnecessarily in the pot.

You can make it easier by putting the eggs in cheesecloth or a cotton towel, which will further soften the touch of the eggs with the pot.

The eggs must be very well covered with water, which should be at least 0.8″ (2 cm) above them.

Initially, the heat of the hob should be quite high and after the eggs start to boil, the heat can be lowered.

The perfect time to boil eggs is 8 minutes.



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