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How to Easily Strain Spaghetti?

How to Easily Strain Spaghetti?

Spaghetti always brings the aroma and mood of Italy at home. They are easy to prepare and are loved by both young and old.

However, one of the steps that bothers the hosts in the preparation of this delicious food is the straining of the spaghetti after they are cooked.

In a colander with larger holes, spaghetti often try to "escape" and their ends are pierced by the holes and torn or fall from the colander itself. Not that this option is impossible and unacceptable for this purpose, but there are also far more convenient and easy ways.

Below I will reveal two of my methods.

- The first and faultless method is a colander, but you can also use something like a strainer. There are many in the shops and they can be easily found. It is more convenient option is to easily strain many other foods that are grainy, such as rice, and you won't have to buy one for just Spaghetti.

- The other option is with a slightly open lid of the pot in which they were boiled in. Simply open up the lid, about 3 millimeters from the edge of the pot and hold the lid on both sides of the handles with grips or gloves for warm surfaces, because safety in the kitchen is most important.


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