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How to Clean Lentils?

How to Clean Lentils?

Lentils are among the foods, that are known to us and are consumed regularly. But lentils are known and popular not only in our country, but also in Indian cuisine and the Middle East.

Lentils are also an ideal meat substitute because they have a high nutritional value. It is no coincidence that lentils are present in many vegetarian recipes. They are rich in protein, fiber, iron, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin B5. Lentils also contain folic acid and magnesium, which are very valuable for the heart.

You can find different types of lentils on the market and the variety of recipes is huge.

The lentils must be cleaned before they are boiled. This is very easy to do.

How to Clean Lentils?

Before washing lentils, inspect the lentils for debris or black, unusable grains left in the package. If there are any, throw them away. The lentils are then washed thoroughly under cold, running water. Do not use a colander, as the grains are small and you risk them falling out. A sieve or strainer will do a better job.

Unlike beans, lentils do not need to be soak in water. Immediately after washing them, you can start cooking them. Some cooks, when boiling lentils, throw away the first water in which they have started boiling.



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