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How to Thicken Soup?

How to Thicken Soup?

Delicious hot soup is a favorite dish that is consumed at any time of the year. However, if you have made a soup that is too thin, don't worry, because there are some easy methods for thickening it. See how to thicken soup quickly and easily.

The first and easiest solution is making a thickener for the soup. This will not only thicken it, but also make it tastier.

Beat one egg with a little lemon juice and add a little of the soup to the mixture. Beat the mixture and add it to the soup itself. If your soup is much thinner, you can make a thickener with yogurt, egg and a spoonful of flour.

To thicken the soup you can dilute 1-2 tbsp. of starch in a little cold water and then pour it in the soup. Stir vigorously. The starch can also be replaced with flour, but be very careful not to lump up and ruin your soup. Another option for thickening soup is to add 2-3 tbsp. of the instant dry soups. Mix the instant soup with a little water and add it to the warm soup.

However, this is not a very recommended option, because instant soups are very salty and with various artificial ingredients that will make your homemade soup less healthy. A very good option is to add whole potatoes and carrots to the soup along with the chopped vegetables. When they are cooked, take them out, puree them and then mix the puree with the soup.

For all soup lovers we recommend to prepare delicious spinach soup, chicken soup, tripe soup or lean vegetable soup.



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