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How to Remove Cherry Seeds?

How to Remove Cherry Seeds?

Cherries grow in almost every garden. Beautiful buds bloom earlier than the first leaves. It is believed that the blooming of the cherry symbolizes the purity of life.

The ripe red fruit are not only beautiful, but extremely healthy for the body. A good cook should store fruit until the next harvest.

But how to quickly and easily the remove cherry seeds at home?

It is better to store pitted cherries for the winter, as they contain a small amount of a substance that is converted to hydrocyanic acid. They are also more convenient to use for making cakes and other dishes.

There are several ways to quickly remove cherry seeds:

- Manually, using sticks, pitter and other devices;

- Adaptations, by means of which the fruit are inserted into the hole one by one and the seeds are removed;

- Mechanically. The cherry is placed in a container and when the lever is pressed, the seed is removed from the cellulose;

- Electrical equipment for separating seeds.

Based on the volume of cherries, desires and free time, everyone can decide for themselves what they want to use to remove the unnecessary seeds.

In most cases, the most practical is a special pitter for cherries or olives - sold in most home improvement stores. The advice here is to choose a more expensive and strong appliance, because the cheap ones break quickly and do not remove the cherry seeds well.



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