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Should Mushrooms be Peeled?

Should Mushrooms be Peeled?

It is not difficult to prepare a dish with mushrooms, because in general mushrooms do not need much cooking. For example, it will take you only about 40 minutes to prepare everyone's favorite mushroom steak sauce and for the aromatic mushrooms in butter you will need to spend no more than half an hour.

Many experienced cooks recommend that the mushrooms needs be peeled, but should the mushrooms be peeled and why is there such a belief.

The cleaning of mushrooms should be done especially carefully, because they are fragile and with a vulnerable surface. Experts recommend not to wash the mushrooms, because they have the ability to absorb water, which impairs their taste and prolongs the cooking time.

It is best to clean the mushrooms carefully with a soft brush, dry sponge or kitchen paper.

Until recently, it was thought that mushrooms should be peeled because their delicate skin could have a negative effect on people suffering from chronic gastritis or colitis, but this has not been proven.

Instead, experts recommend that people with such diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, need to avoid mushrooms and other foods rich in cellulose.

It does not make much sense peel old mushrooms, because they are generally not recommended for consumption and experts are adamant that it is better to throw them away instead of looking for a compromise.

So, in summary, the answer whether mushrooms should be peeled or not is NO.



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