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  • Topato Someone has commented:Easy Apple CakeEasy Apple Cake27.10.2016Cakesabout 0.04 tsp or 1/25 tsp.
  • Topato Someone has commented:Filo Pastry CakeFilo Pastry Cake19.02.2013Sweet Phyllo PastryHello. Recipe has been edited and fixed. Stick the filo pastry sheets together with the cream.
  • Topato Someone has commented:Sweet Fritter Bombs with 1 EggSweet Fritter Bombs with 1 Egg18.07.2016FrittersEnough to get a medium-stiff dough. Start adding a little at a time to reach that consistency.
  • Topato Someone has commented:Chicken and Pork SachChicken and Pork Sach03.03.2013SachTry Ebay or Amazon
  • Topato Someone has commented:Pear BrandyPear Brandy20.01.2014BrandyDepending on the sugar content and temperature, about 7-14 days. The longer the better. Do a flame test, place a match near the liquid. If it burns, it's ready for boiling.