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How to Use Baking Paper?How to Use Baking Paper?
18 Aug.
One of the most important and practical things that it is advisable to always have at hand in your kitchen is baking paper. How to use baking paper?
The Popular Dutch CheesesThe Popular Dutch CheesesThe Netherlands also has two trademarks - the cheeses and the tulips. Both are known and loved almost equally. In fact, the locals are so proud of their cheese, that they feel more joy when selling it.
How Long Does it Take for Food to Digest?How Long Does it Take for Food to Digest?Let's be completely honest: most of us don't appreciate the work that the digestive system does for us. How long does it take to digest food?
What is Bulletproof Coffee and How is it Made?What is Bulletproof Coffee and How is it Made?
17 July
Bulletproof coffee is the simplest and most traditional form of coffee, which is combined with butter. What is bulletproof coffee and how is it made?
The Most Delicious Sea FishThe Most Delicious Sea FishIf we have to name the most wholesome and healthy food, it is fish. But what are the tastiest sea fish?
Arabica Coffee - What We Need to KnowArabica Coffee - What We Need to KnowAlmost all of us need a quick way to wake up and a rush of energy in the morning, by indulging in a cup of aromatic coffee. Arabica coffee - what we need to know?
Robusta Coffee - What We Need to KnowRobusta Coffee - What We Need to KnowWe can't introduce you to all varieties of coffee, but we will pay attention to the Robusta variety, from which the so popular Italian coffee is usually prepared.
Rules for Making TeaRules for Making TeaThe choice of the tea set, which you will use to serve the tea is of great importance. It is preferable to be porcelain and the handle of the jug to be made of bamboo. See some more rules for making tea.
How Long Does It Take to Digest Food?How Long Does It Take to Digest Food?
21 May
Jana G.
The time food stays in the stomach is different for different foods and depends on their type. Water is absorbed instantly if there is nothing else in the stomach. Fruit and vegetable juices are absorbed in a period of 10 to 30 minutes.
The Most Unhealthy American FoodsThe Most Unhealthy American FoodsIt is no coincidence that in recent years the phrase American diet has become a metaphor for unhealthy eating.