Flathead Grey Mullet
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Flathead Grey Mullet

The flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus), also known as the flathead mullet, is a fish from the Mugilidae family. The meat of flathead grey mullets is white and relatively dry.


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Fish and Seafood - CarassiusFish and Seafood



Carassius is a genus of freshwater fish. Carassius belong to the carp family. They are found in water bodies of stagnant water. A couple examples of Carassius include the goldfish and Prussian carp.

Fish and Seafood - HakeFish and Seafood



Hake is an elongated and thin fish, spindly shaped, with spiny dorsal fins, eyes that pop out and a highly protruding lower jaw. Hake is a highly preferred fish due to its delicious white meat that's low in fat.

Fish and Seafood - Bighead CarpFish and Seafood

Bighead Carp


Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys) are a genus of fish, popular in the culinary world. Bighead carp consumes zoo- and phytoplankton. But as it ages, the amount of zooplankton in its diet grows.

Fish and Seafood - TurbotFish and Seafood



Turbot (Psetta maxima) is a flatfish, whose eyes are found on the left side. Turbot has a very specific shape - flat and asymmetrical, in the shape of a rhombus. Turbot is a carnivorous fish.

Fish and Seafood - HalibutFish and Seafood



Halibut is a group of flatfish from the Hippoglossus genus in the Pleuronectidae family. In general, halibut eats nearly any sea creature that can fit in its mouth.

Fish and Seafood - LangousteFish and Seafood



Langouste or spiny lobster, is a 10-legged lobster with a long tail. There are over 100 species of langouste, and it thrives primarily in warm oceans, usually hiding among cracks in rocks and coral structures at depths of over 656 ft (200 m).

Fish and Seafood - FuguFish and Seafood



Fugu is an unusually exotic species of pufferfish, also known as a porcupinefish. Only specially licensed chefs are allowed to prepare fugu fish - no exceptions.

Fish and Seafood - SturgeonFish and Seafood



Sturgeon meat is favored by chefs since it isn't filled with tiny and annoying bones, capable of ruining the charm of any specialty. As far as taste, sturgeon is extremely appetizing.

Fish and Seafood - Jack MackerelsFish and Seafood

Jack Mackerels


Jack mackerels are schooling fish. Smaller species feed on plankton, while larger Jack mackerels attack small fish. Jack mackerels are not only a delicious food product but also a valuable source of vital substances.