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Other Food Ingredients

Other Food Ingredients

Other food ingredients and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of food ingredients. Uses of various food ingredients.
Pork LardPork Lard
28 Sept.
Pork lard is a type of fat obtained after the fat (or tallow) from a pig is subjected to heat treatment. Cooled pork lard is distinguished by a thick consistency, white color, fluffiness and light aroma.
Bee GlueBee Glue
02 July
Bee glue, known also as propolis, is a mixture of resins, wax and powder from flowers or plant buds. Bee glue has a yellowish, greenish or brown color. What's specific about this substance is that it's rich in enzymes.
10 June
Biscotti are twice-baked biscuits prepared from eggs, flour and ground nuts. As a final product, biscotti are used in the composition of many other sweet temptations.
Potato FlourPotato Flour
09 June
Potato flour is a powdery product used to thicken and provide a lightness to baked goods. Potato flour is used in cooking as a thickener for baked goods and sauces. It's the most popular gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.
Royal JellyRoyal Jelly
05 June
Royal jelly is a thick, white or creamy substance, with a specific smell and a sour-sweet taste. Royal jelly is a product that bees secrete to feed the queen, young worker bees and drones.
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Palm sugar is a natural sweetener, extracted from the flowers of sugar palm. Since palm sugar is unrefined, it manages to retain numerous vitamins and minerals.
04 May
Glucose is a water-soluble monosaccharide carbohydrate that has a sweet taste. Glucose owes its sweet taste to 5 hydroxyl groups. Besides being sweet, glucose is colorless.
Egg YolksEgg Yolks
09 Apr.
The egg yolk is one of the 3 main parts of the egg (shell, egg white and egg yolk). Eggs are laid by female birds and reptiles. The egg yolk's color and size varies depending on the type of egg.
08 Apr.
Popcorn is a favorite for no small number of people, while going to the movies without munching on it is unthinkable for some. On its own, popcorn is healthy, but only if made at home.
26 Mar.
Arrowroot (Marantha arundinacea) is a perennial plant, whose roots are used for food, as a thickening agent and as an additive in various medicines. Arrowroot originates from the topics of South America.