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Other Food Ingredients

Other Food Ingredients

Other food ingredients and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of food ingredients. Uses of various food ingredients.
Foods, Which Raise CholesterolFoods, Which Raise CholesterolThe causes of high cholesterol can be genetic or related to an unhealthy lifestyle. How to recognize high cholesterol. Allowed and forbidden foods for high cholesterol.
About The Best Hydrating DrinksAbout The Best Hydrating DrinksIt is important to be well hydrated, in order to be energized and charged throughout the day. See the best hydrating drinks that provide electrolytes, vitamins, probiotics and minerals.
Foods Rich in FiberFoods Rich in FiberA list of foods rich in fiber to add to your menu. Here are the best sources of fiber in our daily lives.
Products for Good DigestionProducts for Good DigestionFor easy digestion, your menu should be based on foods, that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Tips for good nutrition.
Orange Juice - Both Tasty and HarmfulOrange Juice - Both Tasty and HarmfulOrange juice is one of the most popular juices in the world. Orange juice has pros and cons. What is the recommended dose for the consumption of orange juice?
How to Restore the LungsHow to Restore the LungsThe lungs give us life, oxidize our blood to keep our brains alive, but do you know how to cleanse your lungs?
Coconut WaterCoconut WaterCoconut water is a real natural elixir, which has dozens of healing properties. Coconut water contains various valuable enzymes that improve the digestion and metabolism.
Health Benefits of Agave SyrupHealth Benefits of Agave SyrupAgave syrup is a super product for health! Agave syrup has a good effect on the intestinal peristalsis and relieves stress after a long working day. Benefits of consuming agave syrup and safe daily doses of the syrup.
How to Find Out if You Have Gluten IntoleranceHow to Find Out if You Have Gluten IntoleranceRecognize the symptoms of gluten intolerance. Long-term symptoms of gluten intolerance. Diagnosis and treatment of gluten intolerance.
List of Superfoods, Which Have a Place on Your TableList of Superfoods, Which Have a Place on Your TableFrequent consumption of superfoods prevents many diseases and strengthens the health. Here are the superfoods, which have a place on your table and you should try to include them regularly in your menu.