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Information on planting and growing fruits, spices and herbs. Wonderful ideas for your home and garden.
Planting and Growing Cherry Tomatoes in PotsPlanting and Growing Cherry Tomatoes in PotsThe first thing you need to get are cherry tomato seeds. There are many varieties and exotic varieties, but if you are going to grow cherry tomatoes for the first time, it is best to bet on the simplest variety.
How to Grow Baby SpinachHow to Grow Baby SpinachIn order to grow your own baby spinach, you need seeds, a soil mixture, a large pot, a few smaller seedling pots. Spinach grows best and is richest in vitamin C.
Planting and Growing ChivesPlanting and Growing Chives
30 Jan.
Plamena M.
Chives are a plant with scented leaves and a very fine and delicate onion taste. It is especially used for seasoning salads and certain dishes. The good thing about chives is that it can be grown at home.
Types of BasilTypes of Basil
05 Dec.
Plamena M.
The different varieties of basil are distinguished by their outer appearance and taste. Basil cultivars are used for decorative, aromatic and culinary purposes.
Varieties of ChilliesVarieties of Chillies
12 May
The diversity of varieties chillies is great. All types of chili are a good source of vitamin C. Their taste due to the chemical compound capsaicin, which is not influenced by any heat treatment.