Black Rice
Legumes and Cereals

Black Rice

Black rice is a grain that was domesticated in Asia. The specific color of black rice is owed to the presence of anthocyanins (pigments) in it.


Legumes and Cereals

Legumes and cereals and information on them, their composition and health benefits. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of legumes and cereals.
Legumes and Cereals - Mung BeansLegumes and Cereals

Mung Beans


Mung beans have an age-long history. They began to be cultivated many centuries ago by the Indians, who gave them the name mung . Mung beans are a widely used and prized culture in Eastern cuisine.

Legumes and Cereals - BulgurLegumes and Cereals



Bulgur is a wholesome wheat food that comes from milled, dried and crushed grains, most often made from hard or white wheat. Phosphorus is found in large amounts in bulgur.

Legumes and Cereals - Black beansLegumes and Cereals

Black beans


Black beans are a plant of the Fabaceae family. Black beans are native to South America, but can be grown anywhere. The broth of boiled black beans is a remedy for arthritis

Legumes and Cereals - CarobLegumes and Cereals



Carob, Ceratonia siliqua. is an evergreen plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family. Carob is one of the most popular sweeteners. Carob does not contain caffeine.

Legumes and Cereals - Azuki BeansLegumes and Cereals

Azuki Beans


Azuki beans, also known as Asian red bean, is an extremely palatable representative of the Fabaceae family. Red bean paste from Azuki beans.

Legumes and Cereals - KamutLegumes and Cereals



Kamut is an Egyptian wheat found in Egyptian pyramids. At the table of Americans, Kamut appeared only in 1980. Kamut resembles wheat, but is 2-3 times larger.

Legumes and Cereals - SpeltLegumes and Cereals



Spelt, Triticum spelta, is a kind of ancient wheat, which is also called Dink. Spelt is displaced as the primary by of the wheat, from which the yield is relatively larger.

Legumes and Cereals - AmaranthLegumes and Cereals



Amaranth is an ancient grain that is closely associated with the Aztecs. Amaranth, Amaranthus, is an annual plant, a close relative of pigweed species that grow like weeds.

Legumes and Cereals - SorghumLegumes and Cereals



Sorghum is a tropical plant that originated in Africa. Sorghum is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Sorghum can be used as a substitute for rice.