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How To Break and Eat A Coconut?

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

There are different ways to break a coconut. You can drill a hole through it and pour out the milk from the coconut, which is very tasty and then with a metal hacksaw lightly cut the coconut in the center all the way around.

Then where you have made the cut, lightly hit it with a hammer. The coconut breaks in half and with the help of a sharp knife remove the delicious white part that is on the inside.

The coconut shell can be used to make a pot for a cactus or other decoration. Even when choosing a coconut, you need to look at it carefully.

It must be intact, without cracks in it, without traces of leaking liquid and without protrusions. When you shake the coconut, you should hear the liquid in it.

Otherwise, do not buy the coconut, as it may be spoiled. From 1 standard coconut you can get up to 200 milliliters of coconut milk.

Another option for breaking a coconut is to break it with a hammer. But the secret lies in the fact that the coconut must be held in your hand and then you must hit it with a hammer.

Coconut candy

It is not likely that you will hit your fingers, especially if you choose a large coconut. Keep on hitting it lightly but hard until a crack begins to form and the soft part begins to break off from the shell.

Gradually the shell will be removed from the soft part. A properly broken coconut retains its milk inside. Then the upper part is cut off and the juice can be drank.

Coconut milk is not stored, it should be consumed immediately. Unfortunately, coconuts often crack during transport and their milk leaks out.

If, after removing the shell of the coconut, its edible part is difficult to separate from the inner skin, this means that the walnut has been picked while it was still green.

If it was harvested when ripe, its edible part will be soft and easy to chew. You can grate the coconut and use the shavings to prepare dishes and desserts.