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How To Make Wine Vinegar at Home

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Homemade Vinegar

Wine vinegar is needed to prepare various dishes and salads. The vinegar you prepare at home is more healthy and tasty. It is more fragrant and is saturated with more nutrients and is prepared without the addition of harmful preservatives.

Homemade vinegar is used in the making of different types of pickled vegetables. In order to prepare wine vinegar, you need three liters of red or white wine, eight liters of boiled water, eight hundred grams of sugar and ten milliliters of tartaric acid.

In a large pot, mix the water and wine. Add the sugar and tartar, stir and leave it aside in a dark and warm place. After seven weeks, strain through gauze, that is folded in three.

Distribute the prepared vinegar in suitable bottles and close them tightly. The vinegar you have prepared is stored in a cold place. It is ideal for salads.

Vinegar and Oils

There is another way to prepare vinegar at home. You need seven hundred milliliters of red wine, one hundred milliliters of vinegar and a piece of an oak board. You can also use white wine, but then the vinegar will be lighter in color.

You can replace the vinegar in the recipe with a special leaven. Squeeze the juice from ripened grapes and leave it to ferment in a dark and warm place.

After the fermentation process is complete with the creation of wine, leave the grape juice to stand longer, in order for a wine vinegar to be obtained. This vinegar will be used as a leaven in the making of high quality vinegar.

In a glass pot mix the wine, the leaven and add the oak piece. A pinch of cinnamon can be added. Cover the pot with gauze and leave it in a dark and warm place. After one month, the vinegar is filtered and distributed in bottles.

In order to make ordinary vinegar more fragrant, add fifty milliliters of red or white wine. Put a sprig of rosemary in a bottle of vinegar and enjoy its fragrant scent and taste.