Long Grain Rice

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Long grain rice

Rice is one of the most popular and favorite side dishes. Without it we can not imagine a lot of different dishes: sushi, salads, soups, pilaf. Different varieties are used in their preparation and one of the most popular is long-grain rice.

Preparation for boiling rice

Every culinary expert knows that the variety is not as important as the preparation of the product itself. Whether you use blanched or long grain rice, the rice itself should be thoroughly washed beforehand.

For this purpose you need to:

- put 1 cup of rice in a pot;

- fill the pot with 4 glasses of water;

- pour out the liquid;

- repeat the procedure 6-10 times.

Have a look the liquid to figure out if you have washed the rice enough. The water should be clean and clear, not cloudy, which means that you have washed the starch from the rice. If you are on a diet or suffer from diabetes, then this procedure is especially important for you, as it significantly reduces the glycemic index and calories.

Cooking long grain rice

To find out how to cook long grain rice, you need to know:

- the type of hob;

- power level;

- the thickness of the pot, which you're using to cook;

Preparing long grain rice for cooking

- the volume of the product.

When you prepare rice for a family of 4, the process looks like this:

1. In a thick-bottomed pot pour 8-9 cups of clean lukewarm water.

2. Boil the water.

3. Add 1.5 cups of long grain rice.

4. Boil it for 15-17 minutes.

5. Turn off the heat and leave the rice for another 3 minutes until it is fully cooked.

6. Pour out the water.

If you're cooking long-grain rice on a gas stove, then it is enough to cook it for 12-14 minutes. If you're boiling it, then it is important to cook it a little longer, as otherwise it will be harder, which is good if you're using it for salads. In order for the long-grain rice to turn out even better, add 1.7 oz (50 grams) of butter. You can replace it with vegetable butter and that way the garnish will be not only very tasty but also fragrant. Keep in mind that salt is added at the end of the boiling process, otherwise you may need to cook it longer.

Cooking long grain rice in the microwave

This way you can greatly simplify the cooking process, the only important thing is to determine the degree of power, which depends on the model. You must also use special containers for these appliances, since metal can not be used.

Classic recipe:

- 1 cup of rice;

- 3 glasses of water;

- salt and spices according to your taste.

Instead of water, you can use vegetable or chicken broth of your choice. The garnish will be tastier if you add a little butter during cooking. This process can be divided into the following stages:

- wash the rice in advance;

Boiled long grain rice

- put the butter in the container in which you will cook it in;

- cook it in the microwave at the appropriate power;

- add water;

- put a lid that is not metal and can be used for a microwave;

- cook the garnish for 20 minutes;

- be sure to make a short pause, to stir the dish.

Tips for cooking long grain rice

1. The volume of the liquid must be several times more the volume of the rice.

2. You can add a beautiful red color to the dish with the help of turmeric.

3. If you add some peas or sweet corn in the cooking process, then you will be able to diversify the taste of the garnish. In this case, it is right to add 1/2 cup more water.

4. If you notice that the rice starts to stick together during the cooking process, then you need to add 1 cup of hot water and butter or vegetable butter.

5. Never pour cold water over the rice, as even the highest quality rice will lose its flavor.

6. If you want to get a snow-white color of the garnish, then at the beginning of cooking add a few drops of vinegar.

Proper cooking of long grain rice is not a science, but an easy process if you know and follow these basic rules. In the beginning you may have some difficulties, but after cooking it once or twice you will see for yourself that there is nothing complicated in cooking rice.

With a little more experience you will be able to cook a variety of very tasty dishes with long grain rice and will be able to surprise your family every time with your culinary temptations.