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Texmati rice dish

This is probably the first time you've heard of the existence of texmati rice. And probably the name of this variety reminds you very much of another species, very popular in India and among fans of non-Indian cuisine. That's right - this is a very fragrant basmati rice, which differs by its long and thin grains. But what is the connection between the two varieties of rice?

Texmati is actually an incredibly successful hybrid obtained between the Indian basmati and traditional American long grain rice. The combination between the two varieties was made by specialists in the US state of Texas, where this "tex" in the name of the hybrid rice comes from. In America, texmati rice is is extremely popular.

Basmati rice

Many Americans prefer texmati rice because it combines the most positive qualities of its prototypes. It has a specific aroma of basamati, but not as much. This makes it more pleasant and not too intrusive, as some define the Indian variety.

The boiled texmati has a mild popcorn aroma and an appetizing walnut taste when consumed. At the same time, the grains of the hybrid are long, but not as thin as basmati, but thicker and fuller - similar to the American long grain rice.

Just like it, texmati grows in both length and width when boiled. Its grains are moderately dry, which allows them to remain separated from each other, they're fluffy without sticking to each other and are neither too hard nor too soft. This makes it very suitable for the preparation of most dishes of Indian, Chinese and Asian cuisine in general, which require long-grain rice and one that doesn't stick.

However, texmati is not suitable for stuffing vegetables - stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed zucchini, sarma, nor for the preparation of stews, because they will be much drier than we are used to and because of the aroma - they will not be like traditional dishes, which we would like to prepare.

However, texmati can be eaten completely on its own as a side dish of rice - only slightly flavored with salt and fat, similar to traditional Chinese white rice.

Pilaf with texmati rice

The American hybrid, texmati, is available in two main varieties - white and brown. The second option, of course, is much healthier. It is a source of dietary fiber and can become a major part of dietary diets. It is ideal for making fillings, pilafs, soups and fried rice.



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