Medium Grain Rice

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Medium Grain Rice Risotto

Many do not know the difference between different types of rice according to the type of grain. Here we will introduce you to the peculiarities of medium grain rice. It has some invaluable advantages that make it indispensable for the preparation of some culinary temptations.

Some specific peculiarities

The grains of medium-grained rice are neither too long nor too short - they are usually between 2 - 2.4″ (5 and 6 millimeters). However, their length exceeds approximately twice more and slightly more in their width. In color they are slightly glassy and translucent. This type of rice grows best in temperate and mountainous areas.

Medium-grained rice is also distinguished by the fact that it contains a balanced level of humidity. As it is not extremely moist, like the short-grained one, when cooked, it does not turn into a sticky porridge, but stays fluffier and softer. This is because it contains less starch.

It is also not as dry as long-grain rice, so it can be used to prepare dishes, that are more juicy. It is rich in starch, the grain has a slightly rough surface and a pleasant, balanced taste. Due to the starch content, it sticks together after it has been boiled, but it does not mushy when properly prepared.

What can we prepare with medium grain rice?

One of the main dishes, in the preparation of which medium-grain rice is used, is the favorite of many risotto and the traditional Spanish paella. There are also many european dishes, that are also prepared with medium-grain rice. This is exactly the type of rice you will need to prepare stuffed peppers with rice and sarma - lean or with minced meat, chicken with rice, wine kebab and many other rice dishes.

Medium Grained Rice

Where can this type of rice be bought?

Medium-grain rice is a common variety, that can be found in stores. It can be both white and brown - brown being is a healthier option for preparing dietary meals.

However, brown rice has less variety than white. Medium-grain rice is sold packaged or in bulk. If you choose the second option, buy from proven manufacturers. It is even better if you choose organic rice from a reliable supplier.



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