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How to Make the Perfect Frappe?

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Black Frappe

No doubt, only the perfect frappe can be a substitute for coffee lovers during the long hot summer days and not just. But most fans of coffee do not like instant coffee and since it is one of the main ingredients of frappe, making this drink becomes difficult.

Of course, we never give up and today we will give some great ideas on how to make the perfect frappe. And what better time than this, because on October 7th in the United States, the day of the frappe is celebrated.

To define our frappe as perfect, first of all, it is best to be on vacation, in the company of friends and served by a great bartender with a shiny tan and in a cheerful and friendly mood. The degrees outside should be at least 30 and you should be in a nice shade with a glass, filled lots of ice.

But if, despite all this, when asked by a friend: How is your frappe from 1 to 10, should I get one too and you answer sluggishly: 2 - 2 and a half, and by chance the people who have overheard share your opinion, something is definitely wrong.

You return from your vacation, go to work and stop at a corner cafe. You order a frappe and eagerly look into the hands of the cheerful and friendly bartender.

Two spoons of instant instant coffee, sugar at your request, 20 grams of water and a special device for frappe, a machine with a spiral tip, which is gradually pulled up until the frappe is made.

Half a glass is already full of foam, the bartender adds cold milk and a lot of ice cubes. And to make the frappe really perfect, you find out, that your straw is red, but not by chance, it is folded into a heart.

With a huge smile and without him knowing exactly what you mean (the terrible beach frappe), you give him a 10 out of 10.

Nothing is left from your frappe, a sufficient amount of coffee, milk, ice, water has been added, a suitable device is used with attention to the amount and the consistency of the foam.

A good mood is passed on from the shape of the straw.

You are definitely know, that even this simple and easy drink can be made wrong. However, you already know and from now on you will follow our simple and easy tips to always surprise your friends with a great homemade frappe.