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Boiled Corn - Why Should We Eat It?

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Eating boiled corn

Corn is one of the most nutritious grainy foods. The raw grains contain almost 12% protein, about 6% fat and 65-70% carbohydrates. This composition raises many questions among supporters of proper nutrition.

And the main thing is how corn is good for the figure and whether it can be harmful.

Boiled corn season is approaching. But is it worth eating it, if you follow thin waist rules. Can we eat corn and is it a dietary product - the answer to this and other questions are in this article.

Recent studies by many nutritionists indicate that corn is good for weight loss and can contribute to significant weight loss.

We immediately note that the caloric content of this product, like many others, depends not only on the variety, but also on the method of preparation.

100 g of corn contains:

- raw corn - 86 kcal;

- popcorn without butter - 325 kcal;

- fried corn/grilled corn - 441 kcal;

- boiled corn - 123 kcal;

- microwave cooked corn/steam - 131 kcal;

- canned corn - 119 kcal.

As you can see, there are ways to prepare corn that will allow you to enjoy your favorite product without harming your figure and there are some that you should give up if you want to look good in a swimsuit.

Boiling corn

More benefits of eating boiled corn

- Corn has a positive effect on the metabolism, by preventing the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine;

- The product contains many nutrients and does not harm the health despite the high starch content;

- Corn contains a lot of fiber, that is not absorbed by the body. Whole fiber passes through the digestive tract, absorbing all the food "garbage" and removing it from the body. Fiber is also an excellent environment for beneficial intestinal bacterial flora. Fiber cleanses the body of deoxidized foods, toxins;

- Boiled or steamed corn is an excellent source of two powerful antioxidants - lutein and zeaxanthin. They protect the body's cells from mutations;

- Contrary to popular belief, corn is not modified. Such a process occurs only in those varieties that are sent for oil processing.