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Suitable Garnishes for Fish

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Vegetable garnish for fish

Fish is very healthy for the body and experts recommend eating it every week. The good thing about this product is that there are different ways of preparation, that will not make its weekly consumption banal - you can prepare it baked, fried, as a soup or grilled.

The problem doesn't come from not knowing how to cook the fish, but what to combine it with - in order for dinner to be great, the fried or roasted fish must have some sort of garnish.

The only options, that are "born" in everyone's head are always related to potatoes. You can make a salad or french fries, but if you want something different, let's look at a few suggestions.

Fish fillet in sauce

A great idea for baked or fried fish is white sauce, which is quite heavy and high in calories, so not everyone is going to like it. It is made with mayonnaise, yogurt, dill, garlic and salt. Add equal amounts of mayonnaise and yogurt and as much of the spices as you like. The sauce is very suitable for grilled fish or oven-baked fish.

Another suitable sauce is with tomato juice or tomatoes, a little basil, a little garlic, onion and salt. Finely chop the onion and fry it, then add the garlic and grated tomato or tomato juice. Leave it to thicken and add the spices and if desired you can add a little black pepper.

A vegetable garnish is also a very good option and unlike the other two, is much lighter for the stomach. You can use all kinds of vegetables - peas, corn, carrots, mushrooms, onions. They all need to be stewed and if you have the necessary appliance, you can also steam them. When serving, add a few drops of lemon juice.

And when it comes to steaming - a great choice for a fish garnish are cauliflower and carrots prepared in this way. It is important that they are salted and have a little lemon juice, so that they do not become tasteless. And if you want to change the potato salad a little, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a little corn.

Have a look at the best fish garnishes.