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Causes of Excessive Belching

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unhealthy eating causes belching

Excessive belching is one of the common manifestations of gastric dyspepsia. It can be physiological - it occurs after eating, especially if the food is spicy, and after drinking carbonated drinks.

In these situations, due to the opening of the cardiac sphincter, the gastric pressure is equalized. Physiological belching usually happens once. Pathological belching is repeated and can make anyone worried.

It is caused by a decrease in the tone of the cardiac sphincter and the ingress of gas from the stomach into the esophagus and oral cavity. Extreme belching is most often a manifestation of aerophagia - a kind of functional disorder of the stomach.

If belching gives off an unpleasant odor of spoilage, it is a sign that the stomach retains too much food. Sour tasting belching occurs when there's an excessive production of gastric juice.

When you feel a bitter taste when belching, it is a matter of expelling bile fluid from the duodenum into the stomach and from there into the esophagus.

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If a person experiences a taste of rancid oil in his mouth during belching, this may be a signal to delay the process of emptying the stomach contents.

Belching, even if it isn't cause by an upset stomach, causes a number of inconveniences, especially if you are among people. Try to chew your food for a longer time.

This will not only "protect you from belching", but it will also help with better digestion and reduce the formation of gas in the stomach. You also need to calm your nerves.

Some people tap their feet or tap their toes when they are nervous. Others begin to inhale sharply when they are stressed. Excessive air intake can cause belching.

Instead of taking a deep breath, get up, take a walk and find another way to deal with your nerves. Give up fizzy drinks.

Consumption of carbonated beverages results in increased formation of gas, which seeks a way out of the body. Do not use a straw, as this will allow more air in the drink.

Some products cause belching and they are - milk, eggs, wheat, corn, soy, nuts, citrus fruit and chocolate.

Remove the products one by one from your diet and if your belching disappears after that, you should limit their use. If belching causes you too much trouble, see a doctor, since this may be a symptom of a serious stomach disease.