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Foods Harmful to the Liver

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The liver is an important organ in the human body that plays a huge role in the metabolism. It performs functions such as detoxification, synthesis of plasma proteins and produces biochemical substances necessary for digestion. It also contains the bile, which is important for digestion.

Diseases of the liver and bile are common. Some of the causes of these diseases are environmental problems, medicines and some foods.

See which foods are bad for your liver

White flour and all of its products - this is the main reason for the formation of gallstones and also contributes to cirrhosis of the liver. In general, it greatly impairs the normal functioning of the liver and bile.

White foods and spices - white rice, white sugar, salt. Try replacing white rice with brown and white sugar with brown. Of course, as we know, we cannot go without salt, but it is good to limit the use to a minimum.

Meat that is smoked, marinated and salted. Try flavoring the meat with real apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, onion, thyme and sage

Fried foods

Sausages and boiled sausage salami

Spicy foods are especially harmful

Lard and margarine

All types of semi-cooked products

Bone and meat broths

Greasy and roasted foods

Foods that contain too many colorants, flavors and enhancers

For pre-existing liver and bile problems, legumes and garlic are not recommended, limit mushrooms and nuts.

Be careful when taking pills and antibiotics, because some of them have a negative effect on the liver. Paracetamol, for example, is quite harmful to our liver.

If you want to take proper care of your liver, try not to go overboard with the alcohol intake and especially with low-quality alcoholic beverages.

When we drink alcohol, the liver begins to cleanse it from the body and other important processes such as processing blood, saturated with various substances remain in the background.

Treat the liver and bile carefully, because with age, even without side effects, their function weakens and they function harder.

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