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The Secrets of Good Homemade Bread

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Homemade Bread

The notion of coziness is associated with the smell and taste of fragrant bread with a soft core and with a seductive toasted crust. How to make bread at home?

The elders say, that the secret of delicious homemade bread is in the kneading itself. The dough has to be hit a hundred times on the table, so that an airy bread can be obtained and so that it stays soft for days. Mastery is not inherited, it is a matter of personal ability, but there are still rules, which will lead to excellent results if followed. Here are the most important ones.

Necessary products for delicious homemade bread

Choosing flour is the first important step in making bread. Suitable flour is dry and soft to the touch. Fine flour is used, which only the inner part of the grain is ground. In addition, it must be sifted immediately before kneading.

The product you choose is a matter of personal preference. In addition to wheat, the flour can be barley, rye, oat, soy, corn, einkorn or quinoa.

An important component is the yeast used. Quality yeast makes the bread soft and puffy. Fresh yeast is not sticky, but crumbles between the fingers. It is dissolved in warm water or milk.

The most common recipe consists of flour, water, yeast and salt. Any other ingredients are a matter of personal choice.

In order for a bread to be tasty, the rule must be, that spices and seeds must also be used for sprinkling on top when kneading.

The addition of melted butter makes the crust soft on top. Honey and sugar as glazes are suitable for sweet breads. Olive oil leaves a specific pleasant aroma. In order for the crust crispy, the finished product should not be covered with a towel.

The slits on the bread before baking are made only at an angle, because the perpendicular cuts prevent the bread from rising and spoil its shape.

The secrets of baking homemade bread

Baking bread is the final stage, after which all you have to do is enjoy the fresh bread. This process also has its secrets. At the bottom of the oven it is good to place an empty tray as soon as you turn on the stove. When it is at an appropriate temperature, the bread itself is placed on top and the tray under it is filled with water.

In order for the bread to rise, the water in the pan must be topped up every 15 minutes. For a crispy crust, finally remove container, that is filled with water, from the oven before the end of baking.