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How to Make Boiled and Steamed Dough

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Eclairs with boiled dough

Boiled dough

Boiled dough is considered magical by chefs. This is because it is the lightest and most airy dough, from which buhti, tulumbas, eclairs, pretzels, etc. are made. It is extremely easy to prepare and is a favorite of many cooks. It does not require kneading and rolling.

The most noticeable thing about boiled dough is its volume, which it aquires when it goes through heat treatment. This is due to the high content of water in it, which turns into steam during heat treatment and the dough rises high up. The main ingredients of boiled dough are flour, water, oil and eggs. In rare cases, yeast is added.

It is prepared by boiling the water along with the oil. Then add the sifted flour and stir vigorously on the heated hob with a wooden spoon, until a homogeneous and smooth mixture is obtained.

When it is ready, leave it to cool. Add an egg and stir, until the mixture is completely absorbed. Add the second egg, stir, add a third, and so on, until you run out of eggs.

Tolumbas with boiled dough

Steamed dough

Steamed dough is very easy to prepare and is very close to boiled dough. Unlike boiled dough, however, steamed dough requires, that the exact proportions of the products are observed in its preparation.

Required products: 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, 50 g of butter, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, 4 eggs.

Preparation: Add water, butter, sugar and salt in a small pot. Heat them, until they boils (other liquids, such as milk, can be added, depending on what the dough will be used for).

Remove the pot from the heat. Add all of the flour at once. Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon, until the mixture is thick and smooth and begins to separate from the pot. Return the dough back onto the hob for another minute or two, by stirring at all times.

When it starts to aquire a white crust on the bottom, it's done. Leave it to cool to room temperature. Then the dough is transferred into a bowl and with a mixer, food processor or by hand add the eggs, one by one. They are beaten at all times.

Savory Eclairs

The dough should absorb the eggs one by one before adding more to it. The resulting dough should be very soft and sticky. It should fall from the spoon easily, but it should not be runny. If it becomes very thick, add a little more egg.

It is used both for pastries, such as eclairs, French balls, as well as a base for appetizers - stuffed with various savory fillings and pates.