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The Most Unhealthy American Foods

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
The Most Unhealthy American Foods

It's no coincidence that in recent years the phrase "American diet" has become a metaphor for unhealthy eating. The reason is that in the United States the so-called junk food is extremely popular - its prices are symbolic and is everywhere and because of the fast-paced lifestyle, people are increasingly relying on it in an attempt to save time and money.

The results are - obesity, which is a serious problem worldwide and the incidence of heart cancer is on the rise and one of the reasons for it may be unhealthy food. What are the most unhealthy American foods?


One of the most loved foods worldwide. Pizza originates in America and in general, especially in fast food chains, it is made with a huge amount of unhealthy fat. We should not forget the additives and sauces to it - usually fast food restaurants use low-quality products - harmful sausages, for example, which are not recommended for our health anyway.

We should not forget the huge amount of mozzarella, yellow cheese and other cheeses, as well as sauces, without which pizza is rarely consumed - to improve their taste they contain a lot of sugar, a lot of salt and sodium glutamate. The healthy alternative to pizza is a homemade one, for which you have control over the toppings and the dough.

Unhealthy sweet drinks

Sweet drinks

Coca-Cola is popular for its harms. However, the truth is that almost all carbonated drinks have similar effects - a huge amount of sugar, many calories, no nutritional value. In the United States, people often drink juices and believe that this is the better alternative. However, if they are not freshly squeezed from real fruit, they may contain even more sugar than carbonated drinks. The good alternative - freshly squeezed juices or carbonated water with fruit.


It sounds healthy, but in its American version, the benefits to our body are actually zero. The reason - muesli either does not contain oatmeal, or the content is minimal and they're also covered with plenty of sugar or corn syrup. This makes them a calorie bomb with an extremely high glycemic index, a lot of sugar and a lot of harm to our body. They usually also contain candied fruit, chocolate or caramel. Make muesli at home with oatmeal and fresh fruit.


Classic food for a movie night. However, avoid it. Chip practically do not contain potatoes, in addition they are fried in harmful fat. They are greasy, high in calories and salty. This food clogs the arteries, raises the blood pressure, makes you overweight and creates problems in the metabolism, such as diabetes.