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The Healthiest Fruit Available All Year Round

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova

Many fruit are grown in our latitudes, but most of them are seasonal. There are some that do not grow here. Thanks to imported food and storage methods, we have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fruit flavors throughout the year. Check out the healthiest fruit available year-round:


This aromatic fruit, which is in line with the seasonal melon, is now available on the market all year round. Bananas are an excellent choice for anyone involved in fitness or professional sports. They provide fiber for the gastrointestinal tract and potassium for the bone system, as well as vitamin B6, which the human body cannot produce on its own. The combination of banana and peanut butter gives a quick rush of energy.


Avocado consumption

Avocados have about two dozen vitamins and minerals, a real vitamin bomb, along with fiber, potassium and unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, this fruit takes care of heart health, regulates weight and contributes to a young and radiant look of the skin. Mixed with spices such as olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, an excellent dip with health benefits is obtained.


There are almost no people who do not yet know that a tomato is actually a fruit, although we place it in the group of vegetables. Summer tomatoes, ripened in the sun, are the most delicious and healthy, but we can buy them all year round. Lutein is important for brain function and strengthens the memory.


This is the fruit, which completely covers the daily needs of vitamin C. It is therefore indispensable for strengthening the immune system. To resist infections, fruit should be chosen, not juice.


This autumn fruit is available all year round. A study has concluded that people who eat at least one apple a day are at lower risk than some common cancers. Apples with cinnamon are not only much more aromatic and delicious, but also more healthy.


Lemons are available all year round

The high content of vitamin C makes lemon indispensable for colds. It is suitable for diets for getting rid of subcutaneous fat. It flavors water very nicely.

Dried apricots

This fruit contains a lot of vitamin A, which makes it a good choice for boosting the immunity, visual acuity and reproduction. Since the fresh fruit is seasonal and can be found only about 2 months a year, its alternative is the dried fruit. In its dried form, its antioxidant properties are significantly increased. It can be used successfully as a pre-workout food.



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