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Healthy Pancake Recipe Ideas

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Ideas for healthy pancake recipes
Image: Yordanka Kovacheva

If you like to eat sweets, but at the same time try to keep track of your weight, then you are certainly interested in the topic of healthy desserts and more specifically protein pancakes or some other type of healthy pancakes.

In their original form, pancakes are one of our favorite temptations, which our mothers and grandmothers have prepared for us in the morning, waking us up with the fabulous aroma, which was carried around the house from this food.

That's why we decided to treat you and offer you some delicious recipes for healthy pancakes.

These three healthy pancake recipe ideas are two in one - they're both delicious like grandma's pancakes and they are more healthy.

Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

Healthy banana pancakes
Image: VILI-Violeta Mateva

Necessary products for 25-30 mini pancakes:

- 3 large eggs;

- 1 banana;

- 150 ml of milk (coconut, soy or rice);

- 5 tbsp. rice flour;

- a little coconut oil to grease the pan.

How to prepare:

1. Mix all of the products and mix them well, but it is best to blend them with a chopper, blender or other appliance;

2. Lightly grease the pan with coconut oil, or you can use a spray for this purpose;

3. After heating the pan well, pour a small amount of the resulting mixture to form pancakes with a diameter of about 5 centimeters;

4. Bake them over a moderate heat, so that they do not burn;

5. Garnish the banana pancakes with your favorite seasonal fruit or homemade jam.

Einkorn Pancakes

Healthy einkorn pancakes
Image: Panda Life

Required products:

- 2 large eggs;

- a little chopped parsley;

- 100 ml of almond or soy milk;

- 1 tbsp. coconut oil;

- einkorn flour to thicken the mixture.

How to prepare:

Mix all of the products very well or blend them, then bake all of the pancakes over medium heat on both sides. You can also use a waffle maker if you have one in your home.

Juicy pancakes with chia and oat bran

Required products:

- 100 ml of almond or soy milk;

- 50 g of wheat or other oat bran;

- 3-4 tbsp. chia seeds;

- garnish of your choice;

- a little coconut oil to grease the pan.

How to prepare:

1. Blend all of the products with a blender or liquidizer;

2. Leave the mixture aside for one hour, or preferably overnight;

3. Put some of the mixture on a preheated and greased with coconut oil pan;

4. Bake the pancakes over medium heat on both sides;

5. Garnish them with your favorite seasonal fruit.

Even if you do not have much experience in the kitchen, this should not stop you from experimenting and trying new recipes. Try to eat healthy, which is not as hard as you think - it's easy and even fun.

And what is your favorite recipe for healthy pancakes?

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