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Many people suffer from constipation when traveling, after stress or surgery. But when constipation persists for months or even years, it is becomes a disease.

Ten percent of people in developed western countries suffer from chronic constipation, mostly women. With age, such people increasingly suffer from constipation, since the elderly are more likely to have lazy bowels.

The lack of vegetables and fruit in the menu predisposes to constipation, especially raw ones. The lack of coarse cellulose, which is contained in wholemeal bread and cereals, deprives the body of the natural pathogen of the intestinal peristalsis.

The menu of modern man contains delicate, easily digestible ingredients - white bread, sugar, broths. They, as well as animal fats and proteins contained in meat, fish, eggs, butter, do not make the colon work, which causes constipation.

Eating sandwiches, hot dogs, fast food, lack of soups also have a bad effect on the intestines. Liquid food should be equal to more than a liter per day.

Eating yogurt

Eat in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly, carefully chewing each bite. To deal with constipation, the first thing you need to do is stop taking laxatives and enemas.

Very often they are an obstacle to the restoration of normal bowel rhythm. Divide your meal into five meals - fixed hours for lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as two fruit, which you eat between main meals.

Eat whole grain bread, raw and cooked vegetables. Emphasize on beets, apricots, plums, prunes, melons and figs.

Laxative foods are different types of oil and dairy foods. Stimulator of the cessation of constipation can be done with a glass of cold water, as well as fruit or vegetable juice.

You can consume laxative mixes, such as a mix of oatmeal with milk, fruit and nuts, which can be eaten at bedtime. It has an effect in the morning.

The mix of one teaspoon of flaxseed mixed in a glass of fruit juice is also effective. Drink before bed. Another option is to eat a mixture of several prunes, dried figs and dried apricots with one tablespoon of honey twice a day instead of fruit. It is consumed with a whole grain slice of bread.

As a conclusion to the section of laxative foods we would say briefly - eat fresh fruit and vegetables, drink milk and water, emphasize on homemade soups and do not deprive your body of freshly squeezed juices.



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