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Bad Habits Тhat Slow Down the Metabolism

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
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Metabolism is essentially a process of converting food into energy. The faster the process, the more calories our body burns. A balanced metabolism is important for maintaining a healthy weight.

The lifestyle can create problems with metabolic processes. Which are the bad habits, that slow down the metabolism?

Lack of movement

A sedentary life is able to reduce the number of calories burned per day. Sitting all day in front of a computer or desk has a negative effect on both the metabolism and overall health.

It is not necessary to go to the gym to burn calories. Even walking and climbing stairs can help. This activity is known as non-training thermogenesis. Most exercise on a weekday is enough for metabolism.

Insufficient sleep

insufficient sleep slows down the metabolism

Insomnia is the cause of diseases such as diabetes and depression, as well as poor metabolism. Insufficient sleep leads to a decrease in metabolic processes and it takes 12 hours of continuous sleep to normalize it.

Metabolism deteriorates when replacing nighttime sleep with daytime sleep. The internal clock is broken, and this affects the metabolism, which drops by eight percent.

Eating too many calories

Too many calories slow down the metabolic processes. With drastically reduced calories, the body feels deficient and reacts by slowing down the metabolism. This is not helpful, because the body then tries to make up for lost time and gains weight faster.

Insufficient protein

Foods rich in protein are very important for a healthy weight. It creates a feeling of satiety and increases the rate of calorie burning. Therefore, protein should not be neglected.

Consumption of foods rich in protein can boost the metabolism by a third.

Drinks with a lot of sugar

carbonated drinks slow down the metabolism

Everyone knows that sweetened drinks are bad for your health. To the diseases they bring with them, we can add diabetes and obesity. Fructose slows down the metabolism. Excessive consumption of fructose encourages the liver to accumulate fat. Fructose drinks can be replaced with smoothies and freshly squeezed juices and especially with water. Water increases the metabolism by 30 percent.

The importance of strength training

Strength training increases muscle mass and boosts the metabolism. Even minimal efforts in this direction give a visible effect.


When stress increases, the body produces cortisol. It, in turn, increases the appetite and mainly to junk food. We can't always control stress levels, but good sleep, exercise and rest are strong anti-stress actions. They will help the body get rid of metabolic imbalance.