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Is It Safe to Cook with Aluminum Foil?

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Cooking in aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is an indispensable helper in the kitchen. With its help, meat, vegetables and fish are easily and healthily prepared without the use of excess fat.

Foil-cooked products become tender and fragrant. It is enough to put the products in the foil, add the spices and a few drops of fat and after a few minutes in the oven you will get a fragrant and tasty dish.

When using aluminum foil to bake the products, there is no need to clean the burnt fat on the pan for a long time.

Aluminum foil is used as a lid for baking pans when you don’t want the dish to burn. It is enough to cover the baking pan with a piece of foil to protect the dish or cake from burning.

Aluminum foil is convenient for storing ready-made dishes - just cover the baking pan with it and put it in the refrigerator, so that the smell of this dish does not spread to other products.

Potatoes in foil

Aluminum foil, as its name implies, contains aluminum.

Heat treatment of products that contain acid - such as tomatoes, is not safe from a health point of view if done in foil.

When preparing acid-containing products in foil, aluminum gets into the products. High levels of aluminum are harmful to the human body.

Excess metals in the body leads to disruption of the nervous system, can cause disease of the kidneys and other important organs.

Excess aluminum has a bad effect on the nervous system and brain cells and according to some studies can even cause Alzheimer's disease.

Aluminum can be deposited in the tissues and after a while become a cause of brain disease. Excess aluminum can cause rashes on the body, upset stomach and cause bone damage.

But if you do not cook tomatoes and similar products, which contain acid in aluminum foil absolutely every day, you have no reason to worry about your health.

If the aluminum foil does NOT touch the products, but is only used as a cover on your baking pan, then there are no health risks from its use. So you can prepare lamb with potatoes, baked trout or baked chicken drumsticks under foil.