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Top 14 Liver Cleansing Foods

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Top 14 Liver Cleansing Foods

The liver is the laboratory of our body. It cleanses the toxins, which enter the body, because they are deposited in it. For a person to be healthy, they must have a healthy liver. Therefore, everyone's task is to support the work of their most important organ. This is not a difficult task, as long as you include the right foods in the daily menu.

The main complaints, which suggest that our liver is having difficulty doing its job are bloating, frequent infectious diseases, skin problems, weight on the right side below the ribs. This suggests that the largest organ in our body needs to ease its work and detox. This is done with appropriate foods. Let's see what are the most important foods for cleansing the liver.

Green tea

Green tea is a source of vitamin C, which exceeds the amount of citrus up to 4 times. The carotene in it is more than that in carrots and it has remarkable amounts of vitamin C.


Citrus fruit are the best detoxifiers, because they are low in calories and high in vitamin C and the organic acids are plentiful. This helps the liver to remove toxins and at the same time replenishes it with nutrients.


Turmeric cleanses the liver

This exotic spice contains a whole bouquet of valuable essential oils. Vitamins and minerals are also in good quantities. They are suitable for the regenerative activities of an important organ in our body and for removal of bad cholesterol. The bile that is produced in these processes removes excess toxins.


The health benefits of pears have been well known since ancient times, because of the beneficial substances in it. The micronutrients support the biochemical processes in the liver that cleanse it.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the healthiest fat because of fatty acids, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin E and many other nutrients, thanks to which bad cholesterol disappears from the body. Obesity is becoming an unknown phenomenon and toxins no longer bother our largest organ.

Beetroot and carrot salad

Beetroot and carrot salad for cleansing

Carrot and beetroot salad is extremely healthy and suitable for the liver, because they contain minerals, fiber and beta-carotene, which destroys free radicals, protecting the body from intoxication.

Green leafy vegetables

All plants that are a source of chlorophyll are good for our liver. These include parsley, spinach, oat sprouts, as well as barley, broccoli. Why chlorophyll? It is a green pigment that stimulates digestion and supports liver function. The daily consumption of 50 grams of them is welcome for its cleansing.


The diuretic and choleretic action of this autumn fruit is known and this suggests, that it is suitable for detox. Recommended for cirrhosis and hepatitis. Diabetics and those suffering from gastrointestinal problems should avoid it.


Everyone already knows, that this exotic fruit is a real treasure trove of nutrients. Omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals protect our liver from infections.


Rosehip for liver cleansing

Rosehip is known for its ascorbic acid, which it contains, with its phytoncides, minerals and essential oils. They eliminate toxic substances and inflammation, saturate the body with beneficial ingredients and strengthen the immune system.


The cleansing abilities of watermelon are well known. It literally washes away the endocrine glands from harmful accumulations and is a prophylaxis for blood-forming organs.


Another cleansing product is cabbage. It absorbs most harmful substances not only from the liver but also from the entire digestive system.


Drugs that have a beneficial effect on the liver are called hepatoprotectors. Some of these are natural foods, including aronia. This role is played by both red and black aronia.

Find out more about liver herbs, which help it clear and work well. Liver recovery is a long process, that requires consistency.

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