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Raising Hemoglobin Naturally

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Meat is rich in iron

If you have frequent colds, hair loss, almost constant cold limbs, it is good to check your hemoglobin level. Hemoglobin contains iron, which helps transport oxygen from the lungs. Of course, the causes of the above symptoms can be many things, but it is very likely that the cause is a lack of iron in your body.

At low hemoglobin levels, we are usually prescribed some medications - most often those that contain iron. But if we know what to consume, we will not need to take pills, it is enough to eat products that are rich in the trace element iron.

Most often, low hemoglobin is a sign of anemia. Of course, you should not underestimate your condition if you suffer from anemia. Take immediate measures to raise the iron in your body, so that you do not have additional headaches with your health at a later stage. In fact, low hemoglobin levels can be symptoms of a number of diseases.

Iron-rich foods are offal - such as liver, tongue and others. In second place in terms of iron are beets, berries, mushrooms, beans, chocolate, as well as several types of fish - mackerel, sardines.

Eat more chicken, pork, sausages, rabbit, mutton, eggs, nettles, pears, apples, morello cherries, cherries, quinces, apricots, strawberries, rose hips, dogwood, figs, bananas, all kinds of dried fruit and from the nuts - walnuts will work best for you. These foods are richest in iron. Do not neglect onions and garlic.

Low hemoglobin diet

To help your body absorb iron, you need to avoid calcium-rich foods - these are mostly dairy products, as well as coffee and tea, as well as cereals.

In case of low hemoglobin, it's a good idea to eat, in addition to iron-containing foods, foods with vitamin C, such as lemons, orange juice, which help the body absorb iron much faster.

Last but not least, phytotherapy also contributes here, ie. herbal treatment. You can boil a decoction of enough types of herbs that are found in our latitudes - dandelion, coriander, nettle, already mentioned, if it turns out that you do not like to eat it as a dish, the same applies to parsley.

And remember that treatment with natural products is successful, but requires a longer time, because it accumulates more slowly in the body.