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Destructive Harms of Alcohol Consumption

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Alcohol abuse

There is hardly a person who has not tried alcohol in their life. Maybe few people don't drink, but the majority of the population consumes it steadily. To relax after a long working day, to respect friends or on the occasion of a special holiday - alchohol is suitable for any occasion.

Fun and good mood with it are guaranteed, but the consequences are not as good as you feel while drinking.

Let's see how harmful alcohol is and how harmless a glass of wine for dinner is:

1. Interfere with exercise - if you are one of the people who pay attention to your figure with regular fitness training and not only, know that you need to forget about alcohol. Alcohol makes you feel exhausted, makes the mind completely inadequate for any physical activity, reduces endurance and damages muscles.

2. Affects emotions - or more precisely the hormones responsible for them. It literally and figuratively intoxicates, interferes with the ability to make correct judgments and have an adequate behavior. Hence, it also influences reactions by slowing them down, making them chaotic, or contributing to their absence. It has a negative effect on vision, coordination and reflexes.

3. It is addictive - You don't have to drink every day to get addicted. This happens suddenly, usually in people who need relaxation, euphoria or someone to vent about their problems to and that's where drinking comes along. Over time, this still mental need, becomes physical.

Alcohol abuse and its harms

4. Causes digestive problems - in addition to causing nausea and vomiting if you drink too much, it irritates the lining of the stomach. It can also trigger more serious illnesses, pain and burning in the abdomen.

5. Leads to weight gain - this is a high-calorie drink that could be detrimental to the figure. Excess alcohol can also lead to being overweight, which first appears in the abdomen. Fat accumulates there the fastest.

6. The damage it causes are not felt immediately - they occur between the ages of 40 and 60, which is extremely not suitable for damage, that alchohol causes. Then the potential diseases from alcohol abuse develop, some of which can be fatal.

7. Damages the liver - systemic consumption and abuse of alcohol inevitably have a negative impact on this important organ. Characteristic of the liver is that it does not hurt and shows almost no signs of damage, until it is too late. Alcohol abuse causes inflammation and the gradual accumulation of fat in the liver and over time dangerous diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis develop.

8. Affects the cardiovascular system - excessive alcohol consumption gradually increases the level of triglycerides in the blood, which inevitably increases the risk of atherosclerosis. Over time, high blood pressure develops. Alcohol slowly but surely damages the heart muscle and is a serious risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

9. Changes the hormonal balance in the body - alcohol has a negative effect on hormones. It is possible to affect individuals in different ways - loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, overall hormonal imbalance in women. Alcohol disrupts control of blood sugar, resulting in obesity and even diabetes.

10. Impairs blood quality - too much alcohol in the blood kills red blood cells and causes anemia, depriving the body of oxygen. In addition, the ability of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells is suppressed and a weakening of the immune system and an inability of the body to fight infections effectively is observed.

11. It causes cancer - yes, that's right. Alcohol abuse is a serious risk factor for triggering all types of cancer, as it affects various systems in the body. Excess alcohol is associated with an increased risk of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines and many others. The risk of breast cancer in women doubles.

12. Affects the brain and nervous system - alcohol has a negative effect on the brain, suppressing its functioning and affecting the nervous system. Over time, brain cell death, brain shrinkage, dementia, tremor and a number of other negative manifestations have been observed.

13. It has a negative effect on mental health - alcohol causes serious damage on the mental state of a person as well. Irritability, social isolation, anxiety, depression, loss of intellectual ability are observed.

There is no small amount of alcohol

Very often people think that if they drink every so often, it would not hurt in any way. However, it turns out that even small amounts of alcohol are dangerous to the physical and mental condition of a human. According to a number of experts, there are no safe amounts of alcohol, because over time a realistic idea of the normal amount is lost and a gradual increase in the daily dose puts a person at serious risk.


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