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The Benefits of Spring Onions

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The Benefits of Spring Onions

There are plants, that are known for their healing properties. One of them is spring onions, which most people consider to be a very ordinary product. But the truth is that the benefits of spring onions are often unfairly underestimated.

Its story is very interesting. Wild spring onions were used in Asia. The shepherds were very happy to find them on their way.

The onion came to Egypt by trade, where it became a cult plant. People began to worship it and even made it golden statues.

From there, the onion came to Ancient Greece and became a medicine with which athletes rubbed their muscles before the most important competitions for them.

In Rome, warriors consumed a lot of onions for strength, endurance and protection from stomach problems. Spring onions, as well as leeks, are very good for the health.

Spring onions contain more sugar than apples and pears. They also contain phytonutrients that kill all germs and kill infections.

Spring onions also contain iron. Hemoglobin can be improved with the help of a spring onion salad. And if you add boiled liver, the result will exceed all expectations.

Spring onions contain quercetin - an antioxidant that fights many serious diseases. They are also rich in potassium, which protects against cardiovascular disease.

In addition, spring onions contain vitamin C, provitamin A, protein, essential oils and vitamins B and PP. Every year you should eat ten kilograms of spring onions and onions. This will replenish the reserves of substances your body needs.

People suffering from liver and stomach diseases should not get carried away by onion dishes. If you get heartburn after eating, you should reduce its use.

To remove the smell of onions from your mouth, eat it with roasted walnuts, a crust of bread with oil or a slice of lemon.

The benefits of eating spring onions are known in a number of conditions:

Treatment of spring allergy

Vegetables with Spring Onions

Spring onions have a diuretic and purifying effect, regulating the activity of glands that naturally secrete cortisol, which is why it is considered a natural first-hand antiallergic. Especially during pollination, flowering trees, but also when we are exposed to dust and heat, it is recommended to eat 6-10 stalks of spring onions daily.

Treatment of eczema

Eczema occurs most often due to immune problems and hormonal imbalances in the body. And the most effective dietary treatment for these disorders is a combination of three vegetables: spring onions, dill and celery leaves. There are cases of people who have been diagnosed with almost miraculous treatment (for 2-3 days) of eczema, which lasts for years. This is one of the powerful properties of spring onions.

Fighting acne

Against acne, eat raw vegetables and 10 spring onions a day, but best in combination with lettuce and celery. Among other things, this regimen cleanses the colon.

Treatment of bronchitis

Allicin in spring onions is an antibiotic and a strong expectorant, and chlorophyll has an anti-inflammatory effect. Due to these substances, spring onions are among the best medicines in this area and are effective as an aid in both infectious bronchitis and allergic bronchitis. Consumed in abundance, spring onions are also a good way to prevent asthma.

Protects against viruses

Effective virus protection with spring onions and green garlic. The two connected plants stimulate the immune system and directly destroy influenza viruses.

Protects against diabetes

Types of Onions

Two independent studies conducted at university hospitals in medical schools in India show that significant daily consumption of raw onions (140 grams per day) lowers blood sugar while preventing diabetes. In addition, spring onions prevent complications of diabetes such as arteriopathy, hypertension or cardiac ischemia. Interestingly, the same studies highlighted another remarkable fact: spring onions do NOT lower blood sugar levels in those who do not suffer from diabetes.


Eat only the white part of the spring onion (stem), because the leaves rich in vitamin K can emphasize this condition. Instead, allicin in onion bulbs has anticoagulant properties, preventing the formation of blood clots (clots). In addition, because they have strong anti-inflammatory properties, spring onions have an extremely beneficial effect on venous walls affected by thrombophlebitis.

Treatment of kidney stones

It is recommended to eat spring onions daily, especially in the morning and evening. To increase the power of this remedy, combine spring onions in salads with green tarragon and radishes (root and leaves). All three vegetables have a strong diuretic effect, clearing the kidneys of accumulated sand, prevent the formation of new stones. Also, this trio helps in the final cure of recurrent urinary tract infections, being a real support for antibiotic treatment. Therefore, do not underestimate the healing properties of spring onions.

Prostate Cancer

Spring onions have anti-cancer properties due to the sulfur compounds they contain. Regular consumption of spring onions reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men by more than 50%, according to a study done a decade ago.

Lung cancer

Radishes with Spring Onions

It has also been found that onions, especially spring onions, which are eaten every day, help reduce the risk of lung cancer. An excellent detoxifier, it helps eliminate from the body even some substances that cause lung cancer, such as heavy metals from industrial toxins or traces of cigarette smoke. In fact, spring onions are considered a real antidote to cigarette smoke and the protective effect is attributed to allicin, which has an antitumor effect.

Irregular cycle

Long-term remedies for irregular cycles are made with green salads with onions, celery and lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice. The salad is eaten before each meal. During treatment (which should last at least 21 days) consume the least protein (meat, fish, eggs, legumes) and fat (fried, margarine, butter).

Water retention in the body

Consume 50 ml of spring onion juice daily, dissolved in a glass (200 ml) of warm milk. This is an ancient medicine that in many cases gives good results.


Even though the benefits of spring onions are not as fast as those of the synthetic tablets used today as an aphrodisiac, long-term treatment with spring onions has safer results and does not cause heart problems like drugs. Eat 10 spring onions every day, preferably with celery (root and leaves), tarragon and green parsley, green garlic and carrots (leaves and inflorescences).

Spring onions have health benefits and culinary applications.

Cooking with spring onions

Shrimp with Spring Onions

In the culinary world, spring onions have a wide application. They can be subjected to culinary processing, being part of various dishes, including vegetarian soups, spring soups, liver soup, kurban soup. For flavoring beef stew, lamb stew, popska stew, spring onions are also number one. As a green spice it is also very suitable for juicy lamb meatballs, grilled pork meatballs, fish in sauce. And in a salad with mayonnaise, eggplant salad, fish salad, fresh lettuce, spring onions are a must!