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Growing Dill in a Pot

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova

It is convenient and practical when you always have fresh spices on hand. The dishes prepared with them are much more aromatic, beautiful and delicious.

In this regard, you can grow dill at home. At home, this unpretentious plant feels just as good as in the garden.

With good care, it provides a lot of greenery. In addition, it does not require too much effort, so inexperienced gardeners would be able to grow it.

To grow dill at home, you will need:

- unpretentious dill seeds;

- soil, intended for indoor plants;

- suitable containers (plant pots);

- fluorescent lamps;

- complex mineral fertilizers.

When growing dill at home, often choose varieties, which are resistant to temperature changes, with high yields and resistance to plant diseases.

In the garden dill can grow on almost any soil. But the successful growth of dill at home is possible only in a fertile soil mixture, which must be prepared in advance.

For this purpose, it is necessary to prepare loose garden soil from the autumn season and mix it before planting with purchased neutral soil for houseplants.

The capacity of the container must be chosen correctly. It is important that dill does not grow too dense. Do not forget about the drainage layer at the bottom of the pot, which is also important for the successful growth of dill at home.

Due to the high oil content in dill seeds, they need longer to germinate. This process is stimulated when the seeds are soaked in warm water for two days and the liquid is changed regularly every six hours. Then proceed to planting the seeds.

Growing dill

To grow dill at home, you must first remember that this plant loves light. So put the planted seeds on the ledge. In winter, provide extra light to the dill by placing fluorescent lamps 50 cm above the plants.

When the pots are on the ledge, it is enough to turn on the lights in the morning for five hours. But if the dill containers are in the back of the room, the lighting should be on for at least fifteen hours.

Caring for dill at home

Dill should be watered regularly. Once every two weeks it is recommended to feed the seedlings with complex mineral fertilizers. Dill grows best at a temperature of 18°C, but on a glazed balcony, when the temperature drops to 8°C, the plants also feel comfortable.

In the first week, when the dill sprouts, it is desirable that the temperature at night is not very high. For this purpose it can be taken out on a glazed terrace.

The best time to grow dill on the windowsill is from March to August. You can also grow it at other times, but there is a danger that the plants will become frail. So stick to the spring and summer months if you want to get a satisfactory leaf mass.