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How to Dry Peppers for the Winter?

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Dried peppers

In winter, dried peppers are a popular dish and for Christmas Eve the table is unthinkable without the traditional dried peppers stuffed with beans. The stringed dried peppers can be used to decorate the kitchen.

To dry peppers, you need healthy peppers that are not the most fleshy. Red peppers are best dried. Leave them for three days in a ventilated room, by arranging them at a distance from each other.

Then choose the healthiest peppers, without stains and rotten spots. The peppers are strung by piercing the stem with a needle or tying each stem.

Sufficient distance must be left between the stringed peppers, so that they do not touch and there is sufficient air access. They hang in a closed ventilated place and that's how they dry. They dry very well in the sun, but in the evening they should be stored, so that they don't get wet.

As a result, the peppers become crunchy and brittle. To cook them, they must be rinsed with cold water, then soaked in warm water to swell and the seeds are removed.

Dried red peppers
Image: Mariana Petrova Ivanova

The peppers are stuffed or crushed into pieces and added to dishes. From dried peppers you can make delicious winter salad - lightly roasted without burning, they are crushed and an onion or leek is added, as well as oil, vinegar and spices according to your taste.

Hot peppers are dried in the same way. Peppers can be dried and cut into pieces. They are cleaned from seeds and stalks, cut into two or four parts or strips.

Put them in boiling water and leave them to boil for ten minutes over low heat. Then dry them on a wire rack or dish dryer. The peppers are dried in an oven with an open door at a temperature of 60 degrees.

You can also dry them in the sun by spreading them onto paper and covering them with gauze. Chopped dried peppers are stored in plastic bags or in closed jars.

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